Using Contrast to Give Your Space a Designer’s Touch

Do you feel bored by the look of your home or office décor? Has it been a while since you changed anything or spruced up the look?  For some people, a top reason why they stick to home décor that is outdated or stagnant is one of three scenarios:

  • You get used to it and don’t know where to begin to make any changes
  • You are not an interior decorator, so you feel a lack of confidence when it comes to redesigning your space
  • You think it might be too expensive to redo everything

While these are all valid reasons, there are ways you can spruce up any room without breaking the bank. Look through some ideas on Pinterest or Zillow and you will find many zany ideas, but the simplest secret to make a whole room look brand new again is with some basic contrast. CONTRAST?  Why yes, red vs. gold, or black vs. white, or blue vs. orange are all examples of ways you can draw the eyes away from the things you want less emphasis on, while bringing the eyes to the contrasting décor.

Here are some often overlooked areas you can do this:

  • Curtains or Window Treatments: If you have old, dusty drapes, try replacing them with fresh colors and a lightweight material that allows more sunlight to “brighten up” your room. This one trick can give new life to an entire room. The blinds are also an area that collects dust, etc. so either replace them or wash them more often to make your home sparkle.
  • New Artwork or Wall Hangings: If you are going for a bold look, the Rusty Rooster offers some dramatic art pieces that can become a great conversation piece and also bring new energy to any room.
  • Rearrange Furniture: Depending on the size of your home, it may be fun to move the furniture around to help your family engage with each other more, as well as your guests.
  • Apply New Wood Stain or Paint: If your woodworking is outdated, why not embark upon a fun weekend “project”? Give your old, brown, ugly wood a nice whitewash finish, or a rustic white or light blue barn wood style finish? It’s worth a thought… and if you are not up for a DIY yourself task then you can hire someone to do it for you.
  • Organize and Eliminate Clutter: Getting some inexpensive cubby organizers for magazines, or some bookstands and bins can make the room neater. Pack or throw away anything that is unsightly or wasting space.
  • Color with Accents: Some nice throw pillows or rugs, colorful blankets and doilies are all inexpensive items that can really transform a room. Don’t forget to invest in a vibrant flower vase and fill it with your favorite flowers for a finishing touch!

There are so many ways to transform a room without spending a fortune, so we do hope you apply some of these tricks and tips. Stay tuned for future contests the Rusty Rooster may be running at a later date. We will be doing “before and after” contests, as well as other fun things along the way.

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