Two of World’s Oldest Art Publications Merging

The art world has undergone many changes within the last fifteen to twenty years, especially within the magazine and newspaper industry. Many publishers have struggled to adjust to the era of digital media. So, when the New York Times announced a few days ago that the two most iconic American art publications would become one, there was a bit of shock among the art community.

Art in America has been a legendary magazine since 1913, but owner Peter Brant announced on July 29 that he would be selling the publication to ARTnews, which was founded in 1902. Although both publications have long shared a friendly competitiveness, they have both displayed longtime success in the art marketplace. ARTNews does have eleven years on Art in America, earning it notoriety as the “oldest and most widely circulated” art magazine in the world.

ARTNews publishes eleven issues per year, with international cover stories, news, art trends and artist bios relating to the world of art. At its last tally, their circulation reached one hundred and twenty-three countries with over 180,000 readers. By merging together under one roof, Art in America and ARTnews will offer enhanced digital media opportunities, as well as giving readers a comprehensive perspective of traditional, decorative and contemporary art.

Although not as high as ARTnews, Art in America does have an impressive circulation of nearly 66,000. By putting them together, both separate subscribers may be able to get a package or have access to new information on the website that would have otherwise required two separate subscriptions to pay for. Digital is where the publishing industry is moving, so this merger does make sense, although it may take some getting used to for Art in America fans and loyal subscribers.

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