Welcome to Shrinergy Arts Online Art Marketplace

Welcome to Shrinergy!

In case you are discovering our website for the first time, or perhaps you are rejoining us after the restructuring of our company, many things have changed. Shrinergy Arts used to be a portal for online crafters from around the world, as well as a listing for upcoming art fairs, tradeshows and other related crafting news.

In 2015, Shrinergy Arts changed its focus to sell only high quality art. Why did we do this? The demand for fine art is growing, and while art lovers may have a few different options for buying art on other websites, Shrinergy Arts’s model is particularly beneficial for the crowd of home decorators, interior designs or art enthusiasts who are looking for something more specific. We offer varied styles that will appeal to those art buyers who may have a theme or room in mind, or even a commercial entity that is looking to decorate the office with a few different pieces from one collection.

Art buying is fun and easy on Shrinergy Arts. Most of all, we have made it a safe place to purchase your favorite art. Some of the buying rules are listed on our buying guide, however, to make it easy for you to get started shopping for art, here are a few things for art buyers to take note of:

  • Although you can buy more than one piece of art on Shrinergy Arts website, we ask that you only buy from one artist at a time to ensure the integrity of our buying and selling experience. If you find more than one item you like, please pay for the first item and then the system will allow you to purchase from a second artist.
  • After you buy a piece of art, your money will safely rest in an escrow account that is handled by our safe shopping system. Only once the art arrives safely at your shipping address will the money be released to the artist. This is to prevent fraud or non-receipt of your artwork and gives the artists further incentive to ship your item quickly.
  • If you have a question about your order, please email the vendor directly through the email provided on their profile.
  • Returns must also be handled directly through each vendor. Please refer to the buying guide for further information related to returns and credits.

Shrinergy Arts will be constantly adding new artists who have gone through our rigorous screening process to ensure the highest quality to our buyers. No matter where you live, we can get your artwork delivered to your door as soon as possible, and with great care.

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We hope your brand new little one is as bright and wonderful as the brand New Year!

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